Eurozone Dividend Champions

This page is the home of the Eurozone CCC Dividend list tracking Eurozone companies with the longest dividend growth history. 

CCC is an acronym that stands for Champions, Contenders and Challengers. Champions, the creme de la creme stocks have a streak of at least 20 years. The Contenders, second best performing category show stocks that have a streak of at least 10 years up to 19 years. Finally the Challengers have a streak of at least 5 years up to 9 years.

It is directly inspired by David Fish’s US CCC Dividend spreadsheet. It’s a resource that is used as a starting point to identify and screen dividend growth stocks for the Eurozone.

The list is updated monthly and this since March 2019.

What is the Eurozone?

According to Wikipedia (, the Eurozone is:

  • A monetary union of 20 European countries representing 85% of EU’s GDP and 67% of Europe’s GDP.
  • They have adopted the Euro (€) as their common currency
  • 343 millions inhabitants in 2022, a little more than the US population
  • Over $14.5T GDP in 2022, about 2/3 US GDP
  • On 01/01/2023, Croatia, an EU member, is the 20th European country to adopt the Euro as its currency and joined the Eurozone.

The Eurozone CCC Dividend list

The list aims to contain all the relevant Eurozone companies which maintain or increase their dividend 5 years or more.

It was added to this list the CCC companies from Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and a few more European countries. Those economies are tightly integrated to the Eurozone. For example, the Danish Krone is pegged to the Euro: 1 EUR = 7.46038 DKK (+/- 2.25%).

Many European companies pay dividends once a year. Dutch and Spanish companies pay generally twice a year and a few companies pay quarterly.

Also some companies, while not cutting their dividend, sometimes maintain the same dividend for years in time of economic crisis or underperformance. As such, while we count those years as part of the dividend streak, we also indicate the number of years dividend was simply maintained.

All values are expressed in Euro for all Eurozone companies and in national currencies for non Eurozone companies.

A sheet named “Changes” lists all the stocks deleted from, reinstated to and added to the CCC list. All stocks removed from the CCC list are now in the “Watchlist” sheet.

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Download Lists

More downloads available in the archives:

Withholding tax rate

WHT varies widely across the Eurozone. Most recent detail rates are provided by PWC:

European Ticker Symbol

Ticker symbol have to be completed by a prefix (for Google Finance) or by a suffix (for Yahoo Finance,, Reuters or FT) along the table below:

CountryYahooGoogleInvestingReutersFTCurrencyCountry NameTraded
AT.VIVIE:.VI:VIEEURAustriaWiener Börse
BGn/sn/s.BBn/s:BLGBGNBulgariaBulgaria Stock Exchange
CH.SWSWX:.S:SWXCHFSwitzerlandSIX Swiss Exchange
CYn/sn/s.CY.L.LSEEURCyprusCyprus Stock Exchange
DE.DEETR:.DE:GEREURGermanyDeutsche Börse XETRA
ES.MCBME:.MC:MCEEURSpainBolsas y Mercados Españoles
GR.ATn/s.AT:ATHEURGreeceAthens Stock Exchange
IR.IRn/s.I:ISEEURIrelandIrish Stock Exchange
IT.MIBIT:.MI:MILEURItalyBorsa Italiana Milan Stock Exchange
NO.OLn/s.OL:OSLNOKNorwayOslo Bors
PLn/sWSE:.WA.WA:WSEPLNPolandWarsaw Stock Exchange
SIn/sn/s.LJ.LJ:LJUEURSloveniaLjubljana Stock Exchange
UK.LLON:.L:LSEGBXUnited KingdomLondon Stock Exchange

US: European companies listed on a US stock market and in USD

N.S. : Country stocks Not Supported by the corresponding service provider

Example : ticker for “L’Oreal” is OR. It is traded in Paris, France on Euronext.

  • To consult it on Yahoo! Finance, ticker is OR.PA
  • To consult it on Google Finance, ticker is EPA:OR
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