UK Dividend Champions

This page hosts the UK CCC Dividend list. This list tracks UK companies with the longest dividend growth history. 

It is directly inspired by David Fish’s US Dividend Champions spreadsheet. It’s a resource to be used as a starting point to identify and to screen dividend growth stocks for the UK. 

CCC is an acronym that stands for Champions, Contenders and Challengers. Champions, the creme de la creme stocks have a streak of at least 20 years. The Contenders, second best performing category show stocks that have a streak of at least 10 years up to 19 years. Finally the Challengers have a streak of at least 5 years up to 9 years.

The list is updated monthly since March 2020.

The UK CCC list is reorganized similarly to the Euro CCC list. A sheet named “Changes” list all the stocks removed from, reinstated to or added to the CCC list.


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Witholding Tax rate

Typically, there is no withholding tax on dividends paid by UK companies under domestic law, although 20% withholding tax generally applies to distributions paid by a REIT from its tax-exempt rental profits (subject to relief under a tax treaty).